Void Filling and Abandonments

Filling voids or pipes can be as easy as plugging both ends of a pipe and filling with grout, or as complicated as figuring out the mix and method to inject grout 40' underground through a spring-loaded, expandable steel form with an inflatable plug to fill a void.

Bulkheading and the placement of fill and vent ports are important to make sure the voids are completely filled. Pipes with only one access point can also be filled with correctly placed fill and vent lines.

Custom grout designs are used to fill pipes down to 1" in diameter as well as pipes 3000' long. Cellular grout is often used for its ability to to flow long distances through small openings with low pressure. Cellular, at densities half that of other fill materials, also works excellent under settled abutments, buildings, or areas where weight is an issue.