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Services and Equipment

Who We Are

Alaska Concrete Technologies Inc. dba Mobile Concrete and Grout of Alaska is a locally owned company incorporated in 2000, providing concrete and grouting services throughout Alaska. Terry Waschke, owner, has over 35 years of experience in the production, placing, and quality control of concrete, and the production and injection of low-density grout for annular space grouting, slab-jacking, and ground stabilization. We also inject high-density Polyurethane grout to fill voids, stabilize slabs, and raise sunken slabs.

What we do

We provide solutions for difficult concrete projects where logistics prohibit traditional means of concrete production and placing, and quality control is important. We also provide one of the best flowable, low-density grouts for annular space grouting in the industry. We have the most slip-line grouting experience in the state. With MCGA's extensive experience working in remote areas, we are able to determine the most efficient equipment to use, how to package the materials, and what placing techniques are best suited for each project.

Concrete services

MCGA can provide the following materials, equipment, and expertise together or independently:

Batching with a combination of:

  • Portable Fastway Batchplant
  • Conventional Mixer trucks
  • Volumetric Mixer
  • Super Bags of Aggregate and/or Cement

Consulting and Quality Control

  • Batching with Owner-supplied equipment and materials
  • Field Testing Fresh Concrete along with other Services

Pumping with 5 inch discharge line pumps

Grouting Services

MCGA uses proprietary mix designs and specialized mixing, testing, and injection equipment to fill annular spaces and abandon pipes, fill voids and stabilize slabs, and slab-jack, or raise sunken slabs.

Cement Grout

with or without sand

Low-density or cellular concrete used for:

Slip-lined Pipes

Use specialized equipment to produce, test, and inject low-density grout to minimize pumping pressure and buoyancy force of liner pipes

Bored Holes with Liner Pipes

Annular space grout, which can fill small spaces over long distances.

Pipe Abandonment

Fill any size pipe, vessel, or structure over any distance.

Void Fills

Stabilize slabs to prevent settlement. Slab-jacking or slab raising

Fill voids and raise sunken slabs. Ground Stabilization

Use low-density grout to stabilize problem areas in road beds and bridge approaches by increasing strength and reducing the unit weight of sub-grade material.

Polyurethane Grout Injection

Portable equipment with specialized injection tip to inject fast reacting, two-component, high-strength, polyurethane grout to fill voids, stabilize slabs, and slabjack, or raise sunken slabs.