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About Us

Alaska Concrete Technologies Inc. dba Mobile Concrete and Grout of Alaska is a locally owned company incorporated in 2000, providing concrete and grouting services throughout Alaska. Terry Waschke, owner, has over 35 years of experience in the production, placing, and quality control of concrete and grout .We use portable batch plants and mixer trucks, volumetric mixers, and super bags, to batch anywhere in the state. We use specialized foaming and injection equipment to tackle difficult grouting projects.

With his extensive experience of mix designs, and the use of admixtures, along with equipment to produce concrete and grout combined with many years of pumping, puts Terry in the unique position to know what equipment, materials, and methods would be the most cost-effective and efficient for remote projects.

The wide spectrum of slipline grout projects across the state include installing and grouting 2 inch Slip-lined pipes at Adak Island, to grouting the annular space in a 7 foot Slip-lined pipe under the Juneau Airport in Southeast. Concrete projects range from Shemya Island at the end of the Aleutians to Circle on the Yukon River, and from Barrow on the North Slope, to Wrangell in Southeast.

Grouting Services

MCGA uses specialized mixing, testing, and injection equipment, to produce and inject our customized or proprietary grouts to cover a wide range of applications.

Cement-Based Grout

Low-Density Grout or Cellular Concrete Used for:

  • Annular Space Grout for Slip-lined Pipes where low-densities in the 40-85 lb/cu/ft are used to control buoyancy force of liner pipes.

  • Abandonment to fill most any size pipe, vessel, or structure over long distances.

  • Void Fills, excellent to fill large voids and stabilize ground with low unit weights.

  • Slab-jacking or slab raising where fluidity and/or insulation properties are needed.

  • Ground Stabilization, used to stabilize problem areas in road beds and bridge approaches by increasing strength and reducing the unit weight of sub-grade material.

Standard weight grouts with or without sand

  • Abandonments and void fills where weight is not a problem or is needed such as wells and tanks.

  • Slab-jacking where heavier more viscous grout is needed.

Chemical Grout Injection

MCGA uses a portable, two component, heated, Polyurethane injection system to fill voids and stabilize slabs as well as lift sunken slab sections with 80 lb structural foam.