Concrete Services

Terry has 30+ years experience batching with computer-controlled dry batch and central mix stationary plants, a computer-controlled portable dry batch plant for remote projects on the road system, a volumetric Mixer with computer for local and remote projects, and Fastway plants for remote projects with local aggregates, accessible by road, barge, or ferry.

Projects such as bridge deck overlays and tunnel linings require concrete or shotcrete strengths in excess of 10, 000 psi. Very low water to cement ratios are used to achieve high strengths, in conjunction with additives like Silica Fume, along with plasticizers, retarders, and air entrainment admixes. Stringent QA/QC measures are critical to achieve consistent results no matter where it is produced. Bridge deck overlays have been done in Anchorage, Cantwell, Hurricane Gulch, and Dutch Harbor. Shotcrete with steel fibers was produced on-site for the Whittier tunnel, and during the winters of 2003, 2016, and 2017 we consistently produced concrete and shotcrete with super bags for Lowell Cr Tunnel in Seward in excess of 12,000 psi in the dead of winter.

Cellular Concrete is made with pre-formed foam added to either a sand, cement, and water, or neat cement and water, to achieve densities between 30 pcf and 110 pcf, and strengths between 75 and 1,200 psi. It can be pervious or closed cell.

Due to the flowable, insulating properties, cellular concrete is excellent for backfilling sheet piles, MSE walls, bridge abutments, and soft areas where dynamic and lateral loading is important. It is the best material for slipline grouting, abandonments, void filling and slabjacking. The low-density also works well in cold regions when lifting slabs or filling voids to help insulate the ground.

Remote is considered anywhere far enough away from our base that equipment, materials, and personnel individually or together have to be shipped in by truck, barge, ferry, or plane. As there are limited roads in the state, most shipping is by barge and plane.

Terry has 40 years of experience pumping concrete with boom pumps including Thomsen, Challenge, and Putzmeister, as well as many line pumps, including Challenge squeeze pumps and Mayco, Schwing, and Putzmeister swing-tube piston pumps.

Due to many years of remote concrete production, Terry knows what the most cost effective and efficient method to get materials and equipment to most any remote location. Most of my projects are very difficult because of the location and/or characteristics of the job. We work with local providers around the state for materials and/or equipment when possible, or supply what is needed. Many times we use the owner's or contractor's batch plant, trucks, or pump and help get them in good working order. Terry can also train local personnel to run the equipment.